We are a full-fledged premiums promotion marketing, sourcing and service-oriented agency based in Hong Kong. With our business strategy in joint ventures, we are partnership with the factory in Mainland China to produce stationery like pens items.

TSANG'S PREMIUM should be:

=> Your Promotion Partner
=> Your Form of Communication (to your customer) Producer
=> Your One Stop Service Provider
=> Your Value Added Consultant

Our Vision

To become one of market leader in the premiums and promotions industry in local and overseas.

What TSANG'S PREMIUM can do for you - our promotion partners?

We take care of your details and requirement. From concept to production, we tailor every project to the specific requirements with emphasis on exceeding customers¡¦ expectations.

We are close in touch for the market-update features, hot categories and products by providing insight into trends, up-to-date product, offer ideas and improve customers¡¦ promotion marketing.

you can finding what you want is easy through us that can save you time and money in finding products and suppliers. We deliver the right and "tailor-made"  items for your promotion at the right price at the right time.

By acting as the procurement agent by offering comprehensive, professional, and cost-effective procurement services. By doing so, our customers can be benefited from the flexible logistic arrangement, attentive follow-up services, and value-for-money products as well as the expertise and knowledge in the trading business.

We sought out for advice not only for our customer, and also our suppliers in order to achieve Win (customer) Win (Tsang's Premium) Win (vendors) cooperation.

Performance reliability, service quality, speed of delivery and maintenance quality of the products

We are responsive to your requests.

You can be confident that we will keep our customers word.